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indieicons's Journal

Good Indie Icons
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Welcome to Indie Icons.

What is this place?
indieicons is a place where anybody and everybody can post Livejournal icons that relate to the independent media, such as indie rock bands, movies, zines, comics, and more.

What is "indie"?
Some call it music. Some call it art. Some call it a way of life. Independent is a term loosely based around the idea of producing your own work without any major fanbase, corporate backing, and based in d.i.y. principles. Wikipedia has a really g">excellent page on indie rock, if you're looking for specific music-related ideas or simply want to learn more.

What can't I post?
You can't post popular medium icons; icons featuring Lost, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, etc. should not be posted here. You may link to posts that contain multi-fandom icons, but please keep the teasers in the indie themes. It takes five seconds to delete an icon preview, please do it.

Who runs this show?
hermintage is your ever-loving, ever-neglectful moderator. You can contact her with any questions, comments, or concerns by e-mailing illgoest@livejournal.com.

Anything else I should do, say, or know before posting?
Not really, but it would be helpful if you promoted the place! We've kept relatively small since our inception and would like to grow in membership numbers. I'll post buttons for your promoting purposes soon!

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